Chael Sonnen: “I didn’t know they stacked crap that high! “

Chael Sonnen breaks his win losing streak, submits Shogun at UFN 26.  And of course he has a speach prepared. ENJOY!

transcribed by…

“I’m the man of the hour, Joe, too sweet to be sour, what you see is what you get and what you don’t is better yet. I’m the women’s pick and the men’s regret and if you went against Chael Sonnen you made a bad bet.

“Now, right here on the UFC’s new home, FOX Sports 1, Wanderlei Silva, six feet tall, 205 pounds, boy until I met you, I didn’t know they stacked crap that high! Whoa, whoa, whoa I will let you know when I’m done Joe. I just got done with a world champion, if you think I want to add a middle-aged comedian just for the goddamn pleasure of it, you better think again!

“Wanderlei Silva, in three months, you and the bad guy!”