Chael Sonnen accepts challenge from Vitor

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Vitor Belfor @vitorbelfort
•@sonnench don’t run from me. Why are u asking for wand? Let’s fight.
•@sonnench let’s fight Why u are asking for wand , u have to fight me. Lets do it @danawhite @lorenzofertitta

This was an abrupt about face for Belfort, who had previously said that he was the #1 contender at 185, and thus would take nothing but a title shot. Say what you will, but Chael Sonnen makes weird things happen.

And in a post fight interview on Fox Sports 1, Sonnen accepted.

“I’m in,” said Chael. “If Vitor said my name first, I’m in. That’s all you have to do is say my name, you do not have to ask me twice. I’m like Beyonce’s child—say my name, say my name.”

Adding to the confusion, Lyoto Machida recently accepted a challenge from Belfort.

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