Alistair Overeem: “I re-signed with UFC.”

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“After the JDS fight I was a free agent, but I am happy to report that I re-signed with UFC. They have been very cordial toward me and I am very happy and very excited and I feel very appreciated. These are all factors to reach the deal. UFC is the prime fight promotion in the world. I didn’t talk to anybody else. But I can tell you that UFC has the best fighters, I consider myself the best fighter and I belong in UFC. That’s how simple it is. I looked at everything, you have to be appreciated, respected, and finances is a part of the equation, as well. But the big part is the UFC title, that’s the one that is missing. I have a few good years left in me and that is what is missing. You have to go for the highest and I believe it’s the UFC strap.”

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