Paige VanZant skips TUF house, signed straight to UFC®

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Paige has now signed straight with the UFC,” Urijah Faber told Bloody Elbow, stating that VanZant won’t be allowed into the TUF house because the young prospect is still below the age requirement. With alcohol routinely being part of the UFC reality show, they require fighters to be of legal drinking age, which unfortunately takes this 20-year-old out of the picture.

She will still be able to ply her trade in the Octagon though, and while she won’t have the first crack at the championship, she also wouldn’t have to go through the grueling season just to enter the UFC.

“I haven’t taken a look at that strawweight division yet, but she works hard and she’s got a good head on her shoulders,” Faber said as he talked about VanZant’s chances in the new UFC division, “She’s an athlete, that’s for sure. Hopefully she does really well.”

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