Hendo on TRT: “I’ll be able to compete without it.”

source | BloodyElbow.com

“I’ve been taking TRT under doctor’s recommendations to stay within normal limits and to have a healthier life.” Henderson told MMAJunkie.com. “If I have to sacrifice that to be able to compete, then I can do that. I still feel very confident I’ll be able to compete without it. “

“A lot of people think that because I was on TRT that it was cheating in some way. I am sure that if you are naive about it and ignorant about what it is then it seems that way because it is testosterone but I am not abusing it, I am just getting my body back to normal range with everybody else.

“I’ve been very vocal about getting some sort of random drug testing. That would have been the biggest and best thing to do for the sport and clean up all the performance enhancing drugs. It’s just a matter of a little more money but they would gain so much credibility if they would start implementing that.

I would love that to happen.”

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