Chael Sonnen lands ESPN® commentary role

source | bigstory.ap

Sonnen has joined ESPN as a mixed martial arts analyst, returning to broadcast media after he was fired by Fox and suspended from fighting by the Nevada Athletic Commission during the summer.

“I love to break down fights,” Sonnen told The Associated Press. “I love to watch them. The fact that ESPN will allow me to do that on the air in a fancy suit and call it a job, it’s what I would be doing at home anyway.”

Sonnen was dropped by the UFC’s official broadcast partner last summer after he failed two drug tests in three weeks, leading to his retirement from fighting.

Although Sonnen said he voluntarily walked away from Fox to avoid further drama for the network, the loquacious former fighter is eager to get back on the air with studio commentary and on-site analysis for ESPN.

“I had stubbed my toe pretty bad,” Sonnen said. “I knew it, and I was willing just to take my medicine and go away. But when the phone call (from ESPN) came in, I was very quick to answer.”

Sonnen will debut Friday with commentary on ESPN’s coverage of UFC 180. He will appear regularly on “SportsCenter” and other network platforms, and he said he won’t ignore his drug-tainted past while discussing the sport’s future stars.

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