BJ Penn talks retirement, future, and Mike Dolce

BJ Penn talks retirement, future, and Mike Dolce. ENJOY!

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BJPENN.COM: We haven’t really heard from you in a month, so just tell the fans what you’ve been up during the first month of retirement:
BJ Penn: “I’ve just been hanging out at home, hanging out on the big island, enjoying time with the family and just kind of putting everything into perspective.”

BJPENN.COM: What is your opinion on how the fight went down?
BJ Penn: “I went to show up and do my best job and things didn’t go my way. Hats off to Frankie Edgar; he fought a great fight. I went in there and I gave it my best effort, you know, and everything ended up the way it did.”

BJPENN.COM: What was your overall experience in working with Mike Dolce for the weight cut and nutrition?
BJ Penn: “As far as Mike Dolce goes; I would never hire him again for anything.”
BJPENN.COM: Would you like to elaborate?
BJ Penn: “No, that’s it. Next question.”

BJPENN.COM: What is the future of BJ Penn?
BJ Penn: “I’m going to keep the same fire I used to get to the top of mixed martial arts and I’m going to do all of that with the businesses that I have; with, with the BJ Penn UFC Gyms. I’m going to keep moving, keep moving forward, putting one foot in front of the other and enjoy my life. Enjoy my family. You know, there’s still a lot of fight left inside of me but I guess that’s where it’s going to stay for now.”

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