Ben Askren: “I think my standup is pretty good,…”

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He’ll fight in Singapore for the One FC welterweight title sometime in May – likely May 30 – against the winner of the March 14 title fight in Malaysia between Brock Larson and Nobutatsu Suzuki.

“I’m excited about the new rules,” Askren said. “I torture a lot of the guys in my gym. I’ll hold them down and fake like I’m throwing a knee to the head and I’ll say to them, ‘If we’re in Asia, you’re screwed right now.’ The knees on the ground are going to work beautifully in my style. I’ve played around with it in the gym and I see at least five or six different ways I can successfully implement that technique, especially.”

“Obviously no one ever sees it, but I think my standup is pretty good, actually,” Askren said. “A lot of the guys in our gym who are considered good strikers, they would attest to that if you asked them that same question. Obviously, my comfort level on my feet now is through the roof. I know it is very unlikely that anyone is going to stop me from taking them down, but if in fact that does happen, I’m comfortable on my feet. I train with literally some of the best strikers in MMA on a daily basis in the gym, so it’s had a huge impact.”

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