Wanderlei Silva to Chael “You’re going to be safe”

source | MMAJunkie.com

“He’ll be 100 percent safe,” Silva said.

“Just one guy is going to beat him, and this guy is me. Nobody (else) is going to touch you. Brazil is different.”

Silva dismissed the notion that Sonnen’s hate speech was merely humorous fight promotion and that “The Axe Murderer” was being too sensitive.

“It’s a joke for you, but it’s not a joke for me and not for my country,” he said.

“But don’t worry [Sonnen] . You’re going to be safe. But you’re going to pay for that account in June.

“I don’t like fake people. I don’t like jokes. I don’t like guys who talk stupid things about me, and when you say (those things), you’re going to need to pay.”

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