Vinny Magellan: “if they fire me, I do not see any sense in continuing”

Source | ESPN SPORTS® Brazil

One of the greatest grapplers in the world, Vinny “Bigfoot” Magellan does not intend to compete outside of the UFC, and if the event fire him, the Rio must focus on opening his own gym.

“People complain that the UFC pays poorly, but if you look at the other events that we have out there, the situation is even worse, so if they fire me, I do not see any sense in continuing fighting in another show. If it is to fight for a pittance, I prefer to open my own gym that will be more profitable and I already have some money saved for this project, “said Bigfoot, which may be close to retirement, age 29.

“I stopped competing in jiu-jitsu because of the financial issue, then it makes no sense for me to go back, since I’d rather fight MMA. If the UFC does not renew, I stop, “said the athlete, who has ten wins and seven losses in MMA.

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