Rousey vs Cyborg failed to happen over money! NOT weight!

Cris Cyborg vs Fiona Muxlow

By Mike Chiappetta |

The biggest issue, according to Cyborg’s management firm Primetime 360, was Zuffa treating Cyborg as a bit player rather than an event co-star.

“Every pay-per-view megafight requires two participants, and they weren’t giving Cris her just credit,” Primetime 360 partner George Prajin told MMA Fighting. “They were compensating Ronda like she was the only attraction of the fight.”

The two sides could never get past the fact that Zuffa insisted on an eight-fight contract. Prajin said three fights would have been a fair compromise, that way, the UFC could have set up a Rousey-Cyborg fight, a potential rematch, and then one other bout. In exchange, Cyborg would agree to make 135, but only three times and then be free to return to a weight she believes to be her true home.

“Basically, her fighting at 135 is handicapping her,” said Prajin. “We were willing to do that, and cut down and go work with Mike and get to 135 to do the fight because Cris wanted to fight Ronda. However, when they said we had to do it for eight fights? She doesn’t want to do the cut eight times when all she wants to do is fight Ronda and beat Ronda. After Ronda, there is really nothing left for her.”

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