FUEL to become Fox Sports 2… (high-def?)

NOOOOO!!! Does Dana realize how much he is limiting the ability to view fights?!  Stop putting things on FuelTV!  Why would the best MMA promotion in the world put themselves on a NON-HD network.  Only HD for Direct TV  is bullshit and not OK for EVRERYONE else.   Every time a card shows up on FuelTV I know that I’m in for a bad picture and an even worse resolution.  Lets hope FOXSports2® get their acts and provide HD for the rest of the US as well, not just Direct TV customers.

Source | Sports Business Journal.

News Corporation will convert the Fuel cable network into general sports channel ‘Fox Sports 2′ this August. The launch of Fox Sports 2 will coincide with the conversion of Speed Channel to Fox Sports 1.

Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 will be the chief outlets for News Corp. sports programming. FX, which aired college football coverage the past two seasons and previously televised baseball and NASCAR, will no longer carry sporting events.

Fox Soccer is expected to be converted into a general entertainment channel.

Currently, Fuel is in 37.6 million television homes — over 43 million fewer than Speed Channel (81.0M). Fox Soccer (42.3M) is actually in more homes than Fuel.

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