1/2-Pt rules not passing just yet…

by Kirik Jenness | source: The Underground Blog

The Association of Boxing Commission MMA Judging Committee spent the past year reviewing 1/2 point scoring and theUnified Rules judging criteria.

Chaired by Tennessee’s Jeff Mullen, the Juding committee consists of Aaron Davis, Ed Garner, Dale Kliparchuk, Josef Mason, Todd Neal, Nick Lembo, Andy Foster, Terry Smith, and Joseph Cooper. Mullen brings an extraordinary background to the effort; the committee’s conclusions represent solid steps forward for the sport.

At the 2012 ABC convention, the ABC voted to adopt the recommendation of the committe to not implement 1/2 point scoring as the recommendation of the ABC.

However, the ABC decided to wait a further 90 days on the changes in the recommended Unified Rules judging criteria. During the 90 days, further public comment and feeback from stakefolders in the industry will be sought.

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