Tito on Rampage: “UFC paid a lot of money for him…That’s awesome.”

source | MMAFighting.com

“He made a business decision,” Ortiz told MMAFighting.com on Sunday at the Los Angeles FitExpo where he was promoting his Punishment Athletics brand. “I was bummed. I wanted to fight against him. I guess in the long run, we’re friends. It would have hurt our friendship. We’re still really close friends. He has to pay his bills. I understand that. I guarantee the UFC paid a lot of money for him. I’m very happy for him. That’s awesome.”

“I don’t know what the loophole is,” Ortiz said. “He’s fighting in April so there must have been a big loophole they missed out on, the contract that was signed through Bjorn. Maybe there were some holes in it that [Rebney] didn’t see, it was a mistake and the UFC attorneys are a lot smarter and they’ll get out of it.”

“I know ‘Rampage’ personally,” Ortiz said. “I know he doesn’t want to fight me. He’s got another three or four fights in him and that’s it.”

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