Ronda Rousey signs new extended contract with UFC®

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“I’m a UFC fighter. I just renegotiated. I have a lot of fights that I have in the UFC before I would be able to go do anything else,” Rousey said.

UFC officials confirmed to FOX Sports on Thursday that Rousey had indeed signed a new contract with a multi-fight deal in place.

The reason the subject came up in the first place was because Rousey was asked about potentially facing former boxing champion Laila Ali in the ring as opposed to the Octagon. Rousey says in her spare time between fights she never grapples anymore and instead focuses all her time on boxing.

The women’s bantamweight champion would love to challenge herself to boxing a world champion like Ali, but chances are if anyone is going to fight Rousey, it’s going to be in the UFC with MMA rules.

“I would love to try it, but I have a lot going on,” Rousey said about boxing. “I have fights. I have two movies coming out. I have a book coming out. My schedule is a little full.”

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