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“You’ve got to wonder because you hear rumors about camps, trainers … about a lot of guys. I’ve heard a lot. Multiple substances were in his system, I mean, come on. There’s something in the water at that camp. Hell, there’s something in the water at a lot of camps. Now we’ve had Hector Lombard finally getting caught, and you really have to wonder just how far down the rabbit hole goes. The positive we can take away from this, is that this testing is serving a purpose and helping the sport move in the right direction by shining that bright light on the offenders. I’m sick of all the cheaters and I know I’m not the only one. It’s a sad day for MMA when a legend like Anderson gets popPED for steroids.”

“I’m aware that it’s very expensive to enforce more stringent testing for all fighters, but there is an option without incurring that level of financial burden, and that is to make the penalties much harsher for confirmed cheats. Nine month suspensions should be extended to a two year minimum. Require cheaters to undergo more extensive testing at their own cost. We should also redefine the criteria for out of competition testing and make those parameters start the minute a bout agreement is signed. Those things would go a long way toward making the sport a more level playing field for everyone.

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