Rashad Evans: “If Anthony wins…moving down to 185,”

source | MMAJunkie.com

“If Anthony wins, I definitely would strongly consider moving down to 185,” Evans said. “One of the biggest problems for me is just being able to cut down. Believe it or not, I’m pretty heavy. I get up to like 240 (pounds). If I went down, it would have to be over a period of time, and I’d have to do it like Machida did it.

“Machida went down and stayed down and kind of chipped away at it. That’s what I would have to do: Reset my body to go lower and lower and then kind of stay lower. It would be a hard cut for me cutting from 240 all the way to 185.”

“I want to compete against the best, and if Jones loses, I definitely want to fight Jones again,” Evans said. “We were teammates. We competed against each other, and it was a great time, but I still am competitive, and I would like to get that fight back. No matter what, I want to get that.”

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