Phil Davis: “it’s a better opportunity where I’m at now.”

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“It was a really weird fight for me (against Bader); obviously I want to win every competition, but in my head it was just kind of a weird fight,” Davis told MMAjunkie. “Now, fighting for Bellator, I feel like just my preparation reignited my love and passion for the sport. I’m very thankful – not that it was necessarily a bad opportunity before, but I think it’s a better opportunity where I’m at now.”

“I’ve fought professional for five different organizations, and I’m thankful for each one of them for giving me the opportunity to fight and advance my career,” Davis said. “Looking back, I can’t look back at anybody and say this or that. All of them took a chance on me when I was young in the sport and helped me make a name for myself and gave me what I needed to get into the position where I’m at now. I’m thankful.”

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