Nick Diaz went into fight with arm injury says “it wasn’t an issue.”

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LAS VEGAS — The most important part of Nick Diaz’s game is boxing, so it didn’t exactly help him that a left arm injury forced him to stop punching two weeks ago.

“It was actually locking up on me and I couldn’t punch with it,” Diaz said. “But I came out to fight and it wasn’t an issue. But I was worried it was going to be, because every time I’d throw a punch in the last couple days it would lock up, it would stick.”

“He said we can go in there and have surgery and take something out of there,” Diaz said of the doctor. “Something like that. But I haven’t really looked into it too much, I’m not really into having surgeries. I don’t know. We’ll have to see about that. If I’m not punching anybody, why do I need surgery?

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