Mitrione: “I just don’t like Overeem.”

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Though Mitrione never became friends with Rothwell, he did give him some advice before Rothwell took on Alistair Overeem. After training with the Dutchman at the Blackzilians camp in South Florida, Mitrione grew to greatly dislike the former K-1 champ.

“I just don’t like Overeem. I’d like to see him lose,” he said.

“I don’t like him as a human being…he is a smug, arrogant man. He came to the Blackzilians and ostracized himself, almost immediately.

Mitrione went on to detail several instances where he claimed Overeem acted selfishly and secretively around people who were supposed to be on his team. “He’s such a prima donna that he really thinks that people care about what he does and how he does it,” he said.

“He’d come in and work out at, like, 11:30 at night so nobody else could see what he was doing.”

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