Kimbo: “I’m going to end his career. “

source | MMANews

Kimbo Slice went into detail on how he envisions the fight playing out next Friday.

“Ken is going to try this s**t,” said Slice. “We know he is. I’m expecting him to. I want him to. I’m daring him to. I’m almost double dog daring this guy to try to do a takedown or shoot in. What could he do to get me to the ground that I am not prepared for? I’m almost anticipating the takedowns. Because of that, I’m going to impose my will and break his jaw in the first round.”

Kimbo concluded by guaranteeing that Shamrock will not have a career resurgence off of his name, in fact, he believes this will be Shamrock’s last fight.

“That’s not going to happen, said Slice. “I’m going to go ahead and end it. I’m going to end his career. That’s my plan, that’s my goal. I trained too hard for this. I waited too long for this fight. June 19 can’t come any faster.”

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