How does Ronda Rousey celebrate after a win? “I eat about 50 hot wings.”

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CP Did you ever get in street fights as a teen?
Rousey: Yes. Santa Monica didn’t used to be so nice! After school, my friend and I would go to the Promenade, where a lot of shady characters hung out. I loved Frappuccinos, but I only got $5 a day for lunch. If I ate, that meant I didn’t have enough money for a Frappuccino. So we would go over to these kids and say, “I bet you $10 I could beat up any one of you.” There were always some guys who could use the money. We’d fight and I’d do something to get them to give up, and they’d give us $10 and we’d go get Frappuccinos…. That was, like, my side gig for a little while.

CP How do you wind down after a fight?
Rousey: I eat about 50 hot wings. I love hot wings. After my last fight, one of the UFC owners flew in a private chef from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro so that he could make me hot wings, because there are no hot wings in Rio! That’s how important they are to me.

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