Frank Mir: “I can prove I’m still a viable fighter”

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“Being 35-years-old, I think more so it depends on performance, even more so than winning or losing. If I go out there and have a win, but it’s still a pretty poor performance – that’s happened in fights before where guys go out there and they’re performing poorly, but they end up catching somebody in a knockout or a submission hold – that wouldn’t be a good thing. That would be more of a time to really think about where I’m going career-wise. Whereas I go out there and have a dominant performance and were to get caught and something were to happen, well I can’t guarantee outcomes, but at least I can prove I’m still a viable fighter and healthy and still able to compete at a high level. So that’s really what I’m out there to prove in this fight that I’m really capable of still performing at a high level.”

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