Duane Ludwig: “Let’s squash it all,”

source | FoxSports.com

In order to get clarity, Ludwig tells us that he called Faber as recently as this past Monday, but has not received a response. In the end, “Bang” says that he’s gotten over whatever wrongs he claims were done to him by Faber. The stress of all the negativity between he and the leader of a team he once coach, and whose members he still says he cares deeply for, is sfaberimply not worth it for Ludwig.

So, he wants to say “sorry” for anything he may have done wrong, with them. “I would like to take this opportunity to say, I apologize for whatever I’ve done wrong, whatever you think I’ve done wrong. Let’s squash it all,” he said.

“What ultimately matters is that the team operates on its full potential. And, that happens when we work together. So, anything that disrupts that is just bullsh**, and we should just fu**ing forget about it. I don’t care about the money that is owed to me. Whatever bullsh** he’s said in interviews, I don’t care.

“Everything that you think I did wrong, sorry about that … everything that I feel was done wrong, fu** it. I don’t care anymore. Let’s just squash all that bullsh** and make sure whoever chooses to train with me, has the opportunity because whoever trains with me, they do better, 100 percent, than if they didn’t train with me. And, that’s a fu***** fact.”

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