Donald Cerrone: “kickin’ ass and taking names. Doing what I love.”

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“Starting slow. That’s what I always go out there and do. He capitalized very well. He hit me hard,” Cerrone said. “Maybe starting a little faster. We’ve got five rounds, man. Cardio is my thing. Five rounds with me is going to be a scary thing for him. Hopefully he trains really hard and does what he has to do. I’ll be ready. There won’t be a question in my mind that I won’t be the new lightweight champion.”

“I guess this is the reason everybody else does this. I don’t really give a sh*t to be honest with you,” said Cerrone. “I fight to fight to fight. It don’t matter to me. Just going out there and having fun; do what I do. It’d be cool to be like, ‘I’m the best in the world at something.’ That’d be cool to give the belt to my grandma; she’ll love it. Other than that, keep kickin’ ass and taking names. Doing what I love.”

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