Chris Weidman on interim title “I thought it was kind of stupid,”

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“You know, I thought it was kind of stupid,” Weidman said. “I’m just like, hang on, Anthony Pettis was out for a year. Johny Hendricks was out for like nine months. Cain Velasquez, they just did an interim title, he was out for how long? A year and a half? So I’ve been out for six months, I just get an injury now that’s going to [hold] me out six-to-eight weeks, then I’m ready to go. So for them to do an interim belt is kind of crazy. It doesn’t match up to [how much time] other guys (have missed) when they’ve done interim belts. I don’t have an ACL tear. I’m not going to be out for a year, indefinitely, no matter what. Hopefully this thing heals even faster than six-to-eight weeks.

“It’s really just a way to promote the fight,” Weidman continued. “It’s a way to get people excited. It’s a belt, and then you can do champion versus champion. So I understand the business side of doing it. It just sucks that it’s me and they’re doing it with me. But I understand they want to save this UFC 184 (card).”

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