Anthony Pettis on CM Punk: “he’s going to do great in the sport.”

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“He hasn’t trained with the team yet,” Pettis told MMAjunkie. “He’s doing private lessons with Duke and my jiu-jitsu coach. We don’t want to scare him away. But I’m not discrediting him because he’s definitely a great athlete. It’s just when it comes to MMA you’ve got to put it all together. His striking is going to need some improvement. His jiu-jitsu is getting improvement. He’s going to get improvement everywhere with the team, but we just want to take it slow, and he agrees.”

Pettis, who in December defended his 155-pound title with a second-round submission of Gilbert Melendez, said CM Punk’s star power outside the MMA world, as one of the most successful superstars in WWE history, didn’t play a factor when he came to Milwaukee.

“That’s the cool thing about him,” Pettis said. “He said, ‘I’m not coming in with any ego. I want you to tell me when I’m ready. And when you guys think I’m ready, that’s when I’m ready.’ That shows me that he’s going to do great in the sport.

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