Anderson Silva “very, very, very disappointed.” in Lyoto/Jacare

“Jacare is my friend, Lyoto is my friend,” said Silva at Thursday’s UFC 183 media con call, as transcribed by Tom Ngo for 5thRound. “But all the time, [the] guys don’t talk the same like me. When I go to talk to people for the media, I say, ‘I no go fight Lyoto because he’s my friend. I no go fight Jacare because he’s my friend.’ But when the guys go and talk to the media, Lyoto says, ‘I go fight Anderson because I go fight.’ Jacare says, ‘I go fight because I go fight, because I’m fighter.’

“But my opinion, I don’t like the positions that Lyoto and Jacare [have taken], because I don’t go fight for these guys. Because I’m training for Lyoto [with] a long time, sometimes I train [with] Jacare.”

“Yeah, absolutely,” he said Silva. “Because when I go for training with the guys, I go to help you guys. I put 50 percent, 10 percent, [of] my energy for help the guys. When the guys talk like this, I’m very, very, very disappointed.”

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