Wanderlei Silva: “This is all a big confusion,”

So… Wand has a reason as to why he avoided the drug test and didn’t apply for a license…  tell me what you all think. ENJOY!

“This is all a big confusion,” begins a confused Wanderlei Silva. “Everything I’ve heard, I heard it, like you, from the Internet”

“Last Saturday a guy showed up at my gym with several papers in English saying I had to sign the papers. I asked him if all the papers were in English and he said yes. He did not show me any identification.”

“So I told him that I can’t read English very well and I would need my lawyer present to be able to sign any documents. Then I had to leave since it was the day of Brandao’s fight and I was really busy here in Vegas.”

“If this fight doesn’t happen, it will be very difficult for me. I’ve invested all my time and I’ve gone through a lot to make this fight happen. I’ve had to deal with a lot of pressure, and I went through a lot on TUF Brazil 3. And I’ve been putting all my strength and effort into my training camp. I’ve trained harder than I ever trained in my life.”

transcribed by MixedMartialArts.com