Wanderlei claims broken wrist/anti-inflammatories reason for fleeing test

source | mixedmartialarts.com (theunderground)

On an episode of UFC Tonight, Chael Sonnen said Silva had run from his gym. The description was attributed to Sonnen’s trademark hyperbole, but the drug tester also appeared at the hearing, and said that Silva had at first agree to take the test but later in fact avoided the test by running from the gym.

Silva did not speak at the hearing, but offered an explanation through his attorney.  The explanation was that Silva suffered a wrist injury, and was on anti-inflammatories and diuretics.

Commissions prohibit the use of diuretics during a weight cut as a number of deaths in combat sports have been attributed to it. The use of diuretics is further banned outside of competition, as they can serve as a masking agent for other illegal substances.

The commission thanked Silva for his presence, and said they have all the information they need. It is widely expected that Silva will be suspended for a year, when the final decision is made at a later disciplinary hearing.

Afterwards, Wand post a message to the fans in his native Portuguese, via social networks.
(Google translate: This story came to an end today! I’m Ready to fight again as soon as possible. Thank you all for supporting me, my dear friends.)

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