Travis Browne: “I’m learning ‘to fight’ right now.”

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“Honestly, I learned that, as a fighter, I know how to go out there and mess somebody up,” a hesitant Browne began. “Like I just know how to get out there, and F stuff up. But I don’t know how to fight. And that’s one of the things that I’m learning right now.

“As a fighter, you don’t want to admit that. But at the same time, I’m not looking to sit here comfortably in the #3 spot or #4 spot. I’m going for the championship. So every time I have a fight, I have to go back and dissect everything.”

“I went through all the emotions after a loss. Freakin blaming everyone else. Blaming it on me… crying in the fetal position at night. You just go through all that kind of stuff. In that time, I tore my game apart, and asked my self how I would beat me.

“Now that’s what we’re working on. I’m learning how to fight.”

“I’ve been working the ins and outs of the fight game. Maybe a little more on the technical side… I’m going to learn how to fight and there’s going to be some people in trouble.”

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