Reebok®/UFC® announce apparel deal, no more in cage sponsors

source | UFC®.com

Reebok® and the UFC® are joining forces in a groundbreaking six-year partnership that will see the global fitness leader become the exclusive outfitter and apparel provider for the world’s leading mixed martial arts organization.

The Reebok®/UFC® apparel line, which will include exclusive “Fight Week” gear, “Fight Night kit” as well as UFC® fan gear, will be developed in conjunction with UFC® and its athletes, including current Reebok-sponsored fighters Johny Hendricks, UFC® Welterweight Champion, and UFC® Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis.

“This will be the biggest non-broadcast partnership that our company has ever signed,” said Lorenzo Fertitta, UFC® Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, “so it is significant.”

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Here is some of the FAQ from UFC®.com that further details the deal.

source | UFC®.com

3) How does this benefit the athletes?
The new policy will provide several benefits to the athletes, including but not limited to:
a. Associating every athlete with a global athletic footwear and apparel brand
b. High quality performance apparel specifically developed, tested and produced for MMA athletes
c. Elevating the visual identity of UFC athletes to be on par with other global mainstream sports
d. A guaranteed income for each fight, eliminating the burden of seeking sponsors on a per event basis
e. The opportunity to generate royalty income from the new athlete-specific products created through this program

13) What pieces are included in the fight night product kit and fight week gear bag?

Fight night product kit for male fighters:
a. Fight shorts
b. Fight gloves
c. Walk-out jersey
d. Walk-out hoodie
e. Hat
f. Underwear
g. Socks
h. Shoes

Fight night product kit for female fighters:
a. Fight shorts or skort
b. Sports bra (long length available)
c. Fight gloves
d. Walk-out jersey and/or tank top
e. Walk-out hoodie
f. Hat
g. Underwear
h. Socks
i. Shoes

Fight week gear bag for male fighters:
a. Bottoms
b. Tops, tees, fleece
c. Headwear
d. Underwear
e. Socks
f. Shoes

Fight week gear bag for female fighters:
a. Bottoms
b. Tops, tees, fleece
c. Headwear
d. Sports bra (long length available)
e. Underwear
f. Socks
g. Shoes

14) Which fight week events will require official gear?
Every UFC fight week event will require official gear. This includes, but is not limited to the events listed below. The official gear requirements are further detailed in the 2015 UFC Athlete Outfitting Policy.
a. Open workout
b. Ultimate Media Day
c. Press conferences
d. Weigh-in
e. Fight night, including walkout and in Octagon
f. Other official UFC events

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