Rampage Jackson: “My fight alone is…worth the pay-per-view”

source | Sherdog.com

In fact, according to Jackson, he was initially surprised to find that this upcoming showdown with Muhammed Lawal would precede Eddie Alvarez’s rubber match with Michael Chandler.

“To be honest, when I signed, I just assumed I was the main event in the first place, because the fight was going down in my hometown,” Jackson recently told Sherdog.com during a radio appearance on “Beatdown” with TJ DeSantis and Jeff Sherwood. “I think I learned later that I wasn’t the main event, but it didn’t change anything for me.”

“My fight alone is going to be worth the pay-per-view. This is one of the few grudge matches going on right now in MMA where [the fighters] honestly don’t like each other,” said Jackson. “I’m going to put on an exciting fight, and I’m going to be coming at him the second the bell rings. I’m going to show Memphis that I’m the baddest fighter out of Memphis. I want the world to know. I’m going to be on him like white on rice, and that’s something that you haven’t seen me do in a long time. I’m going to dictate this whole pace. I have a statement to make, and I think that’s worth it, right there.”

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