Pettis: “I outclass him in the striking like he’s a beginner.”

source | FoxSports®.com

He doesn’t see anything Melendez does on the feet as a real danger to him, but what Pettis can do to the top ranked lightweight contender is another story entirely.
“I think he’s very basic when it comes to standup,” Pettis told FOX Sports about Melendez. “He’s got decent boxing and he’s tough. That’s most Mexican fighters, they are the most exciting fighters, they are tough and have good boxing. Unfortunately for him, that’s my zone. If he wants to stand in there and trade, he’s not going to see me having a Diego Sanchez fight, I’ll tell you that.
“I think I outclass him in the striking like he’s a beginner. He’s still new to striking. His wrestling’s not strong enough to hold me down. Once it’s on the feet, he’s in for a long night. Or maybe a short night.”

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