NJAC on CM Punk: “Normally, we require some type of background “

source | foxsports.com

In fact, Brooks has had minimal to no real MMA training up to this point. Top regulators from Nevada and New Jersey seem concerned about that.
That could be a problem for the UFC and Brooks’ plan to fight within the next year, because in order for that to happen, he would need to be granted a license from a credible state like Nevada or New Jersey.
The head of New Jersey’s athletic commission, Larry Hazzard, says that a license application from Brooks to fight on a UFC card would, “raise a red flag.”

“We would really have to look at this very closely,” he told us.

“We would have to take a close look at it. Normally, we require some type of background as either an amateur or a professional. This would certainly raise a red flag.”

“We are not going to put someone with no fight experience in the cage against a specialized MMA fighter … if he’s had no prior fights, that’s obviously something that would concern us.”

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