Nelson: “I don’t think there’s actually a greatest heavyweight,”

source | FoxSports®

“I don’t think there’s actually a greatest heavyweight,” Nelson told FOX Sports when asked if Fedor still sat as the king of the mountain. “I think with every heavyweight there’s a style that makes for a different fight with different fighters. Styles always make fights and everybody always has a number.

“Sometimes you have a bad day, sometimes you don’t.”

Nelson points to Velasquez’s only loss since becoming a professional fighter as a prime example of how dangerous it can be for anyone in the heavyweight division. Even the fighter holding down the top spot as champion right now.

“The best example would be (Junior) Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez,” Nelson explained. “The first time they fought, Cain got flattened. There’s another two times where Cain made up for it, learned from his mistakes, had a bad day. In our business when you have a chance to fight a guy twice — I’ll let you get one on me but the second time I guarantee I’m going to beat you.”

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