Nate Diaz “content with… being No.2”

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“I’m completely content with Gilbert being No. 1 and me being No. 2,” Diaz said on the “You’re Welcome! with Chael Sonnen” podcast (www.podcastone/chaelsonnen). “I’m good with that, because that’s my partner. When Gil gets the belt, when Gil wins this fight and gets that belt, I won. That’s a win for me. That’s my brother. That’s pretty much my goal here.”

Diaz always has been firm with the idea he would never fight anyone from his team. “The Ultimate Fighter 5” winner praises the importance of loyalty, and is perplexed when he sees others in the MMA community publicly announce they’d fight a teammate.

“People are dumb; they don’t know how to answer the damn question,” Diaz said. “If someone’s even considering talking about fighting you, then what the f-ck are you friends for? I don’t think people even know what friendship is in this sport.

“I hear people, ‘Oh, I’ll fight him if we get paid a million dollars.’ My partners are my partners and it’s not even a consideration. Other people just give hints and ‘ifs,’ so it makes everyone curious.”

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