McGregor on Mendes “small bodybuilder stuck in the 145-pound division,”

source | FOX®

Following the fight, McGregor gave his opinion on Aldo and Mendes and how he would fare against both men should he get the next title shot.
“I believe I will dismantle both of them,” McGregor said at the UFC 178 post-fight press conference. “Chad is a 5-foot-6, overblown —€“ he should be a 125er, but he’s gone past that limit now. Now he’s just a little small bodybuilder stuck in the 145-pound division, and he gets tired quick. He’s 5-foot-6 with a 65-inch reach. I have an eight-inch reach advantage on him. I tower over him. I would maul Chad.
“Jose is in this situation where he has got to a stage where he’s happy with his level. I feel he’s in that pattern of deterioration. Again, another easy win.”

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