McGregor on CM Punk: “I saw a man afraid.”

source | SevereMMA

“As far as the CM Punk ting, he has a different fanbase – the W W E fans. To be honest, it’s weird to me to let an amateur come in, and do it in the pro game. I mean who knows what his skill level is like? I would like to see it the way they done it with Brock. Brock had one or two fights in a smaller league. But Brock was a different animal all together – he had Division 1 All-American wrestling status. He was a freestyle wrestling champion. Plus he was a f—ing monster of a man.”

“CM Punk? I don’t know. Listening to him speak, when I heard the broadcast announcement, I saw a man afraid. Like he signed up for something he didn’t want to be.

“Like I said to the guys the other day, when the shin bone cracks the body, or the elbow cracks, or the heel cracks… It doesn’t get much more realer than that, you know? So, personally, I don’t think he should be in this league just yet. But again, you bring asses to the seats, you bring eyeballs to the screen and we will give you a shot.”

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