Mauricio Shogun Rua robbed by 4 men with rifles

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“We were in Rio de Janeiro with Demain and we went to dinner with Mauricio at a restaurant,” Alonso told PVT. “At the end of the night, he left us at the hotel at Barra da Tijuca and drove back to Niteroi, where he was staying. He was driving a friend’s car at Linha Vermelha and he was forced to stop by another guy with four men armed with rifles.

“They took his clothes, money and his friend’s car. They said ‘I know who you are, you’re a fighter. Don’t try anything.’ It was a sad situation.”

Rua had to walk from Linha Vermelha, one of the most dangerous expressways of the city, during the night.

“They took everything, even his shirt,” he continued. “He was shoeless and shirtless. Imagine a guy at his size asking for a ride in the middle of the night. Nobody stopped to help him. He had to walk one mile to get to the police station. It was tense, but it’s all good now.”

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