Matt Brown on fake nut shot. “I would never do that… Period. End of story.”

Matt Brown looked to have faked a groin injury during the 5 round #1 contender match last Saturday.  A closer look shows the foot was a clear liver shot, HOWEVER… Big John McCarthy says he heard the shin moved Browns cup.  And that’s why he separated the two.

They responded via social media:

Brown responded via facebook:

“The Immortal” Matt Brown: First off thanks to ?#‎theimmortalarmy? for your constant support.
Second off I’ve read some things saying that said I faked the nut shot. I would never do that in my f—ing life. That’s bulls—. Period. End of story. Third I want to say check out our podcast Legit Man Shit very soon for my personal fight recap.

McCarthy detailed what happened, via Twitter.

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