Marlon Wayans loves him some Ronda Rousey


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Conan O’Brien: You tweeted something recently I have to ask you about. You tweeted about UFC fighter Ronda Rousey. And you said that you…what was it that you said? That you wanted to. You have sort of a fixation with her?

Marlon Wayans: Um

Conan O’Brien: You wanted to smell her training gloves and feet wraps? Did you tweet that?

Marlon Wayans: Ya, but here’s why. 

Conan: You either did or you didn’t. You were sort of acting like ‘we are we getting with this Conan’ and then suddenly it went to ‘Yaaaa’.

Marlon Wayans: Well here’s the thing. I say that in a good way. Cause I know there’s pheromones in those gloves and feet wraps. And I have a crush on her. I think she’s dope.

Conan O’Brien: We have a picture of her actually wailing away on someone. And so…

Marlon Wayans: That’s just sexy ain’t it? Look how aggressive she is. There’s something just about a woman that can you kick your behind. There’s just something sexy about it. I want Laila Ali to just punch me in the face. I want her to just take me…cause she does this armbar.

Conan O’Brien: You want to be beaten by a women is what you’re saying?

Marlon Wayans: Well just some professionally, professionally though. So I want to wrestle around with her and I want her…I got a fantasy man I want to wrestle around with her. She makes people tap out.  In like three minutes. She  makes them tap out because grabs their arm and she breaks it back. I want her to grab my penis, and just grab it and pull it back…until I tap out. Tap tap tap tap tap tap.

Conan O’Brien: You won’t have to tap out. She’ll know when your done…it will be obvious

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