Jens Pulver: Retired

source | (transcription)

“Well, I did 135 for a bit,” said Pulver. “I hear everyone saying ‘time to retire’, this and that. I just refused to announce it or say it, but I think I’ve said it like three times already today. I’m done. I mean, I’m done.”

“I think most people are like ‘I thought you were done like 5 years ago?’ But the reality is I’ve got two guys that I’ve started coaching. My two-time national champion… he’s unreal. I’m having a blast doing it. I’m back in Iowa, and I’m training with the old Miletich camp and I’m going to start being a coach there. That aspect of course I love.”

“I want to commentate. I got to do Cage Warriors… And I get to do that again in Ireland in August. So I love commentating. You know me, I love to talk. It’s the best seat in the house, and you get to have opinions, I love it! So I would like to continue doing that, but above all, I want to raise my kids. Be around with my kids, and be a better dad than my dad was, you know how that is, so that’s what I am doing.”

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