Green: Training with Diaz brothers ‘changed his life’

source | fox®

“I went to train with the Diaz brothers,” Green revealed when speaking to FOX Sports. “It was fun, it was a great experience. It changed my life.”

“It’s not many times you get to be around the guys you looked up to in fighting and get to experience how they train and how they do things. It was a very enlightening thing just to get to experience that,” Green said.

“It was amazing. I got to stay at Nate’s house the whole time. He really treated me like a little brother. I’m just very appreciative. I don’t have words for it.” 

“Everyone chooses side and the Diaz’s chose me. I finally found somebody who’s willing to buddy up with me. Before this all these other fighters they don’t know who I am, they don’t care who I am so no one’s given the time to work with me. (The Diaz brothers) have been more than welcoming,” Green said.

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