DW supports Rich Franklin in ONE FC VP offer.

So Rich Franklin was offered a VP job with ONE FC.  My first thought was, ‘Don’t do it Frank, Dana will hate you forever’.  I was wrong.  Looks like Dana is just looking for a little transparency and professionalism.

transcriptions by MMAJunkie.com/MMAFighting.com

Rich Franklin: “I have been in talks with ONE FC about taking a job with them. They offered me a position as VP. I will be heading to ONE FC headquarters in the next few weeks to work out the details. I met with Dana and Lorenzo at the end of last year and they gave me their blessing. I will keep you posted.”

Dana White(ufconfox11 media-srum: “You know, we have a good relationship with Rich. Rich got offered a really good opportunity to go work with those guys and I’m happy for him. “There’s nothing wrong if you come and ask and say…hey listen, how can be upset with a guy for trying to better his life or taking a great opportunity somewhere? You can’t. It’s the sneaky guys that lie to your face and all that stuff.” “It’s not like if he takes this job that’s it, we’ll never have him fight in the UFC again. If he came back and wanted to fight he’s still under contract with us, and he hasn’t officially retired. Rich is out there making some moves. He started a business, he’s got this business that he’s running and he’s putting all his time, effort and money into it, but he needs another source of income for more money to come in. So these guys gave him a huge opportunity and he’s going to take it.”

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