Dan Hardy, ready to retire Diego Sanchez. Wants comeback fight.

source | MMAJunkie.com

“I spoke to the doctor that works for the UFC in the U.K., and he said he thinks it’s not really much of an issue to get me cleared,” Hardy, 32, told MMAjunkie Radio. “It’s just a case of going through the right tests and seeing the right cardiologists, guys that aren’t going to make a buck out of selling an operation to me. And that’s really where I am at the moment, particularly with the U.S. doctors. They’re trying to sell me a car, and I don’t need it.”

“Ross Pearson won that fight clearly, and Diego accepted the win like he does…he’s as crazy as he is,” Hardy said. “I’m a huge Diego fan, but for me, he is what’s wrong with mixed martial arts right now. He is the 20th century bullheaded martial artist that walks forward and fights with their face, and now we’ve got guys like … Conor McGregor, we’ve got Gunnar Nelson; they’ve all got this very Machida-esque style where they’re very mobile; they can switch stances, and they can hit with power from anywhere.
“I think Diego represents the old school, where you just walk forward in a boxing stance and see who falls over first.”

“I’d like to get in there and maybe push him toward retirement,” he said. “Get my comeback fight, give him his last fight, and see where we’re at.”

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