Conor McGregor: Sivers ‘deformed’, Swanson told ‘lies’

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McGregor on Dennis Siver:

“He’s muscular but he’s really small. He’s a weird looking, deformed looking guy. He was caught cheating at one stage in his career. He was on the steroids and he got banned for it so I think when you take some of the stuff like that your body becomes weird. You look weird, especially when you come off it. Even your head, I believe. So I think he’s a weird looking little German guy and I’m going to go in and whoop his ass in beautiful Boston City. ‘Ireland No. 2’ I like to call it.”

McGregor on Cub Swanson:

“I believe he’s been promised,” McGregor said of Swanson’s title hopes. “[UFC] looked him dead in the eye and said, ‘Cub, I promise you, beat this man and you have a title shot.’ They looked him dead in the eye, so even if he wins and they still don’t give him the title shot I want to be there when they tell him, ‘No, I’m sorry. Remember that promise we promised you where we looked you dead in the eyes? It was all lies.'”

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