Carlos Condit planning for 2015 return

By Duane Finley |

“In the early part of my recovery I saw every day as a challenge,” Condit told Bleacher Report in an exclusive interview. “There was plenty to do. I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do, but the things I could do were difficult and tedious. That helped me stay focused on putting one foot in front of the other and getting healthy.

“Rehab was tough from a physical standpoint, but it gave me something to do. I love a challenge. I got with a great Physical Therapist and he kicked my ass every time I went in there. He put me through seriously hard workouts and I need that sh**. If I sit around and I’m idle, I’m not a happy guy. I’m not really a sane person under those circumstances.

“Balancing the mental aspect of recovery is tough,” he added. “At some points I’m sure I’ve pushed too far or too hard and I’m lucky nothing happened. Then I would have to dial it back, but it’s definitely a fine line to walk. I’m trying to get back to health and even better than I was before, but also trying not to injure myself or extend my time off in the process.”

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