Can Jon Jones beat Cain Velasquez? Rockhold says “Not a chance”

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But now, with the UFC’s 205-pound weight class, at most, two or three fights away from being cleared out, Jones has begun plotting out a course for his future that includes potential superfights against heavyweight’s elite. So that begs a curious question: could Jones stack up well against heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez if the two met in a blockbuster fight next year?

“Not a chance,” said Luke Rockhold, Velasquez’s training partner at AKA who is tasked with mimicking Jones in sparring ahead of Daniel Cormier’s upcoming UFC 182 title fight.

“Cain, just the storm that he can put on you, you can’t stop it. I’ve trained with the guy, I’ve sparred with him so many times, and when he wants to get after you, he’s going to get after you. You can only run away so long. Jon Jones doesn’t have the style to keep him off him. Cain is just a beast, he’ll bull his way right through him.”

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