Bonnar on Ortiz “He is full of s**t,”

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Scoffing at the idea that Ortiz orchestrated a plot to fight him on his own terms as a dig at UFC president Dana White, Bonnar doesn’t believe Ortiz would even be capable.

“He is full of s**t,” said Bonnar. “And that stuff he said about Dana White, too? Like, [He] wanted the fight to be in the UFC and he masterminded it. He’s so full of s**t. Tito’s too dumb to pull any of that anyway.

“I accepted that and moved on with my life,” said Bonnar. “But then Bellator gave me a ring and music to my ears. This is the kind of fight that sparks my interest.

“It’s a big fight. It’s what I wanted. I can’t ask for anything more. It’s a blessing. I’m getting paid money to punch Tito Ortiz, probably the biggest a**hole the sport’s ever known. Someone’s going to pay me to do that? That’s truly a blessing.”




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